My dilemma as an eco fashion blogger

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For almost 1.5 years there have been no new eco-fair fashion outfits on my blog. The main reason for this was a personal dilemma that I was increasingly concerned with: I have started to consume less and less new clothes over the past three years – but at the same time I present many ethical green fashion brands on my blog and thus encourage consumption. From the beginning of 2019, it just didn’t feel right for me anymore.

Now, after a long thought, I decided to start showing more outfit inspirations and presenting eco-fair fashion labels again. Because when I look around, there is still too much being bought by conventional fashion manufacturers. Consuming much less is and remains the most important point for me on the way to more sustainability. That’s why I continue to stick with a maximum of twelve new items of clothing (eco, secondhand or upcycled) per year. But even if ‘less is more’ should definitely apply to everyone – it also means that we will never give up shopping altogether. Because we really need something new or because, despite our best intentions, we let ourselves be carried away spontaneously.

More and more consumers want to choose socially responsible, environmentally friendly and long-lasting garments, and yet greenwashing and the many facets when it comes to assessing fair and sustainable fashion do not make it easy for them. And that’s exactly why I would like to show on my blog again great, fair and eco-fashion (as well as second-hand, upcycling, clothing for rent, …) as an alternative to fast fashion.

The Corona crisis proves why it is so important not to buy from unethical companies. In the current situation, many large (fast) fashion companies show no morality or responsibility. In this difficult time, many well-known brands let their textile suppliers down by not paying for goods that have already been produced or for orders that have been held back. The poorest paid workers in the textile industry suffer the most. They cannot rely on a social safety net if collections that have already been made are not paid for, no new orders are placed and their factories have to be closed. That is intolerable! Why started the petition #PayUp. Please check there to see which of the major fashion companies have so far refused to pay their debts.

So I decided to show eco-fair fashion looks again and to support ethical fashion companies by doing so. Perhaps you are now wondering how you can support eco-fair brands yourself? That doesn’t necessarily have to be with a purchase. You also help these companies by following them on social media and by liking, commenting or sharing their posts. And above all, by talking to your friends, family or colleagues about these companies.

How do you think about it? I would love to hear from you by leaving me a comment below or sending me an email.

Thank you and all the best, Mary


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