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Welcome to ‘green looks great’. My name is Mary and I’ve been living with my husband near Frankfurt for over ten years.  On the one hand, I love fashion, delicious food and traveling. On the other hand, I live very environmentally conscious, eat vegan for 90% of the year and practice yoga whenever possible. With ‘green looks great’ I want to prove that both go well together: sustainability and style.

On my blog, I introduce you to people, labels, and lifestyle products that I believe will make the world a bit greener, fairer, and fancier. In addition to fair fashion outfits, you will also find an eco-fair fashion guide, (vegan) recipes, yoga and travel tips as well as information on manufacturers and materials.

What inspires me most in my research for my blog articles is the many fascinating stories of the people behind the green brands, their huge motivation and creativity. And exactly these insights I would like to share with you here.  

I hope you enjoy collecting inspirations and I am looking forward to your feedback, suggestions or questions. Just write me an email or get in touch via the contact form.  

All the best, Mary  

P.S. How I transformed from a (fast) fashion victim into a sustainable fashion lover? Find out more here

Photo credit: Renata Z-P