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Shop till you drop – in London, Paris, Milan or online. For some years this was my favorite pastime as compensation for my extremely stressful work routine. But I’m glad that this phase is behind me.

Because after a while I realized: Excessive shopping does not make me happy. Instead, I changed my job and my ‘Eco-Self’ finally prevailed on the subject of fashion. After all, organic food and organic cosmetics have been natural for me for over 15 years.  

Why did I not think about the consequences of my shopping tours? Because I love bright colors, animal print and pattern mix and like to dress chic and modern. A claim that can not be fulfilled with eco fashion. At least I thought so.

Until I watched the movie “The True Cost” at the beginning of 2016 and decided: No matter what, I want to change my shopping behavior!

I started to research intensively about eco-fair fashion and was positively surprised how many sustainable and at the same time trendy fashion labels exist. Since then I shop much less and choose very consciously – everything fair, eco or used. And the great thing is: I always feel perfectly styled with it.  

Mary x