Eco-Fair Fashion Guide

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Thank you for stopping by my Eco-Fair Fashion Guide. In mid-2016, I switched from conventionally produced fashion to eco-fair fashion and am very happy with it. Because there really is a wide choice for every fashion type and occasion nowadays. And almost every week I discover new ethical fashion labels that inspire me with their collections and above all the people behind them.

Eco-Fair Fashion: The criteria

Here you will find an overview of ethical and/or eco fashion labels and online shops, which I particularly like. All the fashion labels listed here produce socially responsible, i.e. under etchial working conditions and with fair pay – many in Europe or even in Germany. Manufacturers marked with “sustainable materials” use them according to my research to at least 70%. These can be: organic cotton, eco-friendly manmade fibers such as Tencel®, recycled PET, ‘deadstock’ fabrics or wool produced with animal welfare in mind. If you want to make sure that absolutely no animal materials are used (such as buttons or jeans patches), you will also find 100% vegan fashion labels in our list.

Before you start shopping

Even if you want to shop in a more sustainable way, always consider first whether you need a new piece of clothing at all and whether you could also find alternatives by swapping clothes or by shopping in vintage and secondhand shops. If you still consider to buy a new piece after that, then preferably buy something that can be combined well, is of high quality and comes from fair, sustainable production. You will surely like to wear these pieces more and for much longer, which means that the higher prices pay off in the long term compared to cheaper fast fashion.

Ethical fashion at all price levels

In the tables you can quickly recognize the cheaper eco-fair fashion labels (= €). Garments made from particularly high-quality materials such as chemical-free alpaca wool or chrome-free tanned leather are of course more expensive. But with such clothing you treat yourself to something special and additionally do the environment a big favor. If the prices are still too high for you, then be sure to check out the Sale Season, because there are always really great bargains to make.

How to use the guide

You can show more or less results at once in the tables, sort the individual columns or even search in the tables. If you are viewing this post on your mobile phone, please scroll to the right in the tables to see all the information. The information in the tables is based on my own website research and partly on my inquiries by email or personal discussions with the companies.

And here you can find an overview of the below indicated price levels (related to the respective collections, outside the Sale-Season):

  • € = <100
  • €€ => 100 € to <250
  • €€€ => 250 € to <500
  • €€€€ => 500 €

Eco-Fair Fashion Guide

For Her

Fashion LabelFair Production>70% Sustainable Materials100% VeganHQ LocationPrice Range
Alma & LovisGermany€ – €€
AnukooAustria€ – €€
AnzüglichAustria€ – €€
ArmedangelsGermany€ – €€
BleedGermany€ – €€
Börd ShörtGermany
DeepmelloGermany€ – €€€€
EcoalfSpain€ – €€
ELEMENTYPoland€ – €€
Elsien GringhuisNetherlands€€ – €€€€
fitbhuddaGermany€ – €€
FolkdaysGermany€ – €€
FTC CashmereGermany€ – €€€€
Gary MashAustria
GreenteeGermany€ – €€
Grüne ErdeAustria€ – €€
HAMAJIKenia€ – €€€
Hati Hati Germany€ – €€
HessnaturGermany€ – €€
Hund HundGermany€ – €€
Inti FerreiraNetherlands€ – €€
JAN 'N JUNEGermany€ – €€
J.JackmanGermany€€ – €€€
Jungle FolkSwitzerland€ – €€
JyotiGermany€ – €€
King LouieNetherlands€ – €€
KOKO WorldPoland€ – €€
KomodoUK€ – €€
l'amour est bleuGermany€ – €€€
lana Germany€ – €€
Living CraftsGermany
LuxaaGermany€ – €€
Maas NaturGermany€ – €€
MadnessGermany€ – €€
MAQUGermany€ – €€
Maria SeifertGermany€€ – €€€
mila.vertSlowenia€ – €€
MIOMARTHAGermany€€€ – €€€€
Miss GreenNetherlands€ – €€
Natascha von HirschhausenGermany€€ – €€€€
Nina ReinGermany€€
NIXGermany€ – €€€
NomadsUK€ – €€
People TreeUK€ – €€
SanikaiSwitzerland€€€ – €€€€
SomySoSwitzerland€€ – €€€€
SoomeGermany€€ – €€€
Souldaze CollectionItaly€€
StoffbruchGermany€ – €€
Studio JUXNetherlands€ – €€
Suite 13Spain€ – €€
Tassel TalesAustria€€
ThoughtAustralia (UK)
WunderwerkGermany€ – €€
Zhai Singapore


Fashion LabelsFair Production>70% Sustainable Materials100% VeganCompany HQPrice Range
DAWN DenimGermany€€
FeuervoglGermany€ – €€
Kings of IndigoNetherlands€ – €€
KuyichiNetherlands€ – €€
Mud JeansNetherlands€€
Nudie JeansSweden€€


Fashion LabelFair Production>70% Sustainable Materials100% VeganCompany HQPrice Range
Alina SchürfeldGermany€€ – €€€€
Beyond SkinUK€€
Bourgeois BohemeUK€€
El NaturalistaSpain€ – €€
Emma GoDenmark€€
Grüne ErdeAustria€€
JUTELAUNEGermany€ – €€
Maas NaturGermany€€
nae Vegan ShoesPortugal€ – €€
Nemanti MilanoItaly€€ – €€€
Nine to FiveGermany€€
Noah Germany€€
Po-ZuUK€ – €€
VejaFrance€ – €€


Fashion LabelFair Production>70% Sustainable Materials100% VeganCompany HQPrice Range
Alexandra KUK€€
Alexandra Svendsen Germany€€€ – €€€€
DeepmelloGermany€ - €€
Glam CorkPortugal €€
Harold's BagsGermany€ - €€€
HessnaturGermany€ - €€
Verena BelluttiAustria€ - €€

Yoga & Active Wear

Fashion LabelFair Production>70% Sustainable Materials100% VeganCompany HQPrice Range
Hey Honey Germany
Magadi Germany
Under The Same SunSweden

For Him

Fashion LabelFair Production>70% Sustainable Materials100% VeganCompany HQPrice Range
AnukooAustria€ – €€
ArmedangelsGermany€ – €€
BleedGermany€ – €€
BrainshirtGermany€ – €€€€
FTC CashmereGermany€ – €€€€
Gary MashAustria
HessnaturGermany€ – €€
JyotiGermany€ – €€
KnowledgeCotton ApparelDenmark€ – €€€
KomodoUK€ – €€
Living CraftsGermany
Maas NaturGermany€ – €€
Re-BelloItaly€ – €€€
Studio JUXNetherlands€ – €€
WunderwerkGermany€ – €€

Eco-fair fashion shopping map

The eco-fair fashion sector is growing and in many cities you can find one or even several stores with responsibly produced fashion. On her wonderful blog, Marisa has compiled a map of fair fashion shops, secondhand and vintage stores in Germany and other countries.

Eco-fair online shops

In case you do not have an eco-fair fashion store nearby, you will definitely find them online. These green online shops have a large selection for every purse with many of the above-mentioned fashion labels. You will also find accessories, bags, shoes, jewelry, yoga wear and much more.

last update: 15.06.2020

Photo: Location – Funkhaus Berlin / with friendly shooting permission by Ethical Fashion Show Berlin / Messe Frankfurt