An upcycling ethical fashion look und 10 wise fashion statements

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This should have been an article in which I introduce you to fantastic, fair-producing upcycling fashion labels. However, I would have to do a little more research for that and I just don’t have the time right now. But don’t worry the article will be out soon, I promise! Instead of doing research, I just enjoyed the sun in my in-laws’ garden at the weekend – with a wonderful book. You may have already noticed that I’m an absolute bookworm. Actually, right now I’m reading several books about fashion at the same time, from which I take a lot of inspiring wisdom from smart women. But more on that below …

Fashion has an impact: on the outside, but also on the inside

Some people may not care about fashion and that’s okay too. I, on the other hand, love fashion! But also only – and this may surprise you now – for 10 years. At the time I wanted to take my style to the next level for my job and booked a style consultant. And what can I say, it totally broke the knot for me. She opened my eyes to the possibilities to feel totally comfortable in my own body thanks to fashion and to express my personality, to rely on the tried and tested but also to experiment with clothing. This event not only changed me on the outside, but also on the inside.

So fashion is by no means just about looks. Clothes are our second skin. And what we wear not only affects our mood internally, but also affects us through our skin. That’s why it’s so important to choose carefully what we wear. Our clothing shouldn’t harm ourselves – and of course not those who make them for us either. I am convinced that anyone who has ever felt chemical-free materials on their skin and knows that their garment was produced fairly, will appreciate that garment a lot more. Because: Eco-fair fashion feels great and makes you happy!

Upcycling fashion blouse and ethical fashion culotte

I feel really happy in this casual, chic summer outfit. I’m wearing an upcycling blouse from the upcycling fashion label MAINSEAM. The founder and designer Maren Schmitt made the blouse herself from rejected shirts. I like the color and pattern of the one-size blouse, the asymmetrical button tab and especially the double collar. If you would like to find out more about the upcycling label’s background such as material procurement and design processes, then please take a look at my interview with Maren.

I combine the blouse with a blue and pink striped linen culottes from the Polish ethical fashion label KOKOworld. I always like clothes from this label because of their unusual cuts, patterns and colors. That’s why you can see several outfits with KOKOworld treasures here on the blog. For example in my article “30 fair fashion labels with beautiful summer dresses” and in “Ten ethical fashion labels with beautiful colors and patterns“.

Ten inspiring fashion statements

So, now back to the beginning: In the books about fashion that I am currently reading, I came across some clever and inspiring fashion statements that I really want to share with you. Let yourself be inspired!

Life is a party, dress for it.

Audrey Hepburn

That may sound cheesy, but as soon as you emotionally decide on an outfit, it looks authentic.

Leandra Bendorf

With our clothes we make it clear what place we want to occupy in the world.

Anna Murphy

Staying true to yourself is always a good look.

Anita Tillmann

If I don’t start wearing what I feel like wearing now, then when?

Maryam Keyhani

Every fashion decision you make holds strength and self-determination.

Stine Goya

It’s impossible to not communicate anything with your outfit. Even those who don’t care about fashion express this with their outfit.

Kerstin Weng

Why not wear something that says, “HERE I AM TODAY!”

Iris Apfel

In the question “Who am I?” is also something liberating when it comes to fashion. You can always reinvent yourself.

Nilam Farooq

I don’t dress to be stared at, I dress for myself.

Iris Apfel

Which statement do you particularly like?

I send you loads of #summervibes und wish you a wonderful summer.

All the best, Mary

Photo credit: Renata Z-P 



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