Check pattern hype vs slow fashion

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I don’t know about you, but I think check patterns are really cool instead of stuffy. As a big fan of different fashion prints and mixing patterns (do you already know my pattern mix style guide?), I of course have clothes with check pattern in my closet, too. Like a business suit with glencheck pattern, which I bought back in the early 2000s. Or to give a more current example, after a long search, in October, I finally found a really cool vintage boyfriend blazer with typical red-green tartan pattern.

How do the current check pattern hype and slow fashion fit together?

Check patterns are currently THE trend. I particularly like the colorful all-over looks with check patterns that are so en vogue this fall / winter season. Check out my Pinterest board for some amazing check pattern outfit inspos. At the same time, this blog is about conscious and sustainable shopping. Which means for me not to join every trend without thinking. Instead I only buy what fit my body type and style and what I will surely like for more than a season. Timelessly stylish pieces of high quality and that I will therefore wear many times. If they were also produced fairly and made of ecological materials: Jackpot!

Sure, I appreciate the minimalistically cut basics in neutral colors, which can often be found in the fair fashion cosmos. But without color and print variety in the closet I would be really bored. That’s why I like to follow one or the other trend from time to time – if I’m convinced of it. As with the check pattern! Even if we have seen enough of it after the current hype – check pattern keeps coming back and is one of the absolute classics in the wardrobe. A carefully selected check pattern piece will therefore spice up our (slow fashion) outfits even years later. Like when the checks come along in such a casual version as in this winter jacket by eco-fair fashion label Lanius.

Great pattern, style and fabric? Check!

The large check pattern looks super casual and modern. The color combination of intense blue to classic black and gray looks classy and can be easily combined. The oversize cut of the jacket is something different and the freedom of movement (quite unusual in a winter jacket for me) really cool. To wear the jacket feels fantastic. Because fine organic virgin wool makes the jacket a super soft, light and at the same time cuddly warm companion.

If wool, then please only mulesing-free

I like to wear wool despite my vegan diet. Because it is durable and biodegradable, it warms very well and it rarely needs to be washed. However, it is very important to me that the sheep are kept in an appropriate manner and that they are not subject to the painful mulesing. Lanius (like many other Eco-Fair fashion labels too) uses mulesing-free wool of sheep from controlled biological livestock for their clothes.

Take it slow with Nine To Five

A great combination to the cool check pattern winter jacket is this beautifully simple yet stylish saddle bag from the eco fashion label Nine To Five. The silver bag made of chrome-free tanned leather can be combined with many outfits (another look with this bag can be seen in “Powerful Red”). If you’ve ever considered building a timeless capsule wardrobe, then this universal slow fashion key piece would be perfect for it.

Style Summary:
Jacke* by Lanius // Material: 80% organic virgin wool (kbT), 20% organic cotton (kbA) // fairly produced in Bulgaria
Bag* by Nine To Five: Saddle Bag #fox silver lining // Material: chrome-free tanned calf leather // fairly produced in Portugal
Sweater* by Lanius: DOUBLEFACE-Sweater // Material: 100% Alpaca // fairly produced in Peru
Jeans by Hessnatur // Material: 98% organic cotton, 2% elasthane // fairly produced
*borrowed PR-Samples for the photo shooting

Have a great start into the new year and a cuddly winter ahead!

All the best, Mary x

Photo credit: Renata Z-P