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With this Whole Food Box we have already given a present to ourselves in this pre-Christmas time. After the simple online order process, we received high-quality vegan and healthy organic products in a lovingly packaged box. All these products are guaranteed without animal ingredients, without refined sugar, without white flour, without trans-fatty acids and without additives. Everything is personally and carefully selected by the two Whole Food Box founders: the nutritionist Rosa and her husband Johann.

The varied range of Whole Food Box consists of the monthly subscription box – which can also be ordered separately – as well as various theme boxes:

  • Plastic free box
  • Best of Whole Food Box
  • Breakfast box
  • Snack box
  • Seasonal box, like the Christmas box

We are really impressed by the Whole Food Box concept, not only because of the vegan and healthy products inside. But also because we got to know Rosa personally and were able to interview her. In “Let’s talk eco with Rosa” the super sympathetic founder shares insights into their young start-up and the philosophy behind.

And now…

This was inside the plastic-free box from Whole Food Box

To test the Whole Food Box, we opted for the plastic-free box. We generally really want to reduce our plastic consumption. Unfortunately, we have no store with unpackaged products in the vicinity. And even if we buy fruit and vegetables at the weekly market or directly from the farm almost every weekend – when it comes to buying durable products, it’s hard for us to do without plastic at the moment. All the more great that Rosa and Johann offer a plastic-free box.

The Lebensfeuer tea from Sonnentor is a spice mixture of turmeric, cinnamon and saffron. Half of the packaging is already drunk empty. The tea tastes so delicious and warms properly on cold autumn and winter days.

The drinking chocolate from Nuraia is the product that I as a real “Chocolate Addict” was pleased about most. So of course I had to try it out right away. The chocolate tastes intense and yet – thanks to the low percentage of coconut blossom sugar – is not too sweet.

Almonds are one of our favorite snacks. So it was great to find a large pack of organic almonds from Stübener Kräutergarten in the box. The almonds taste mild and have a nice crunch. Thanks to the resealable packaging, they will hopefully stay that way for a while.

Why are these beans called “bug beans”? For those who, like us, had never heard of it: they are runner beans that are cultivated in Styria and are called “Käferbohne” or “bug beans”. They are particularly rich in protein. We are really curious how the water-infested runner beans from Mother Nature taste.

A nice surprise in the Whole Food Box: the coconut spoon from the Leipzig start-up Heartisan Bowls. For their products, they use disposed coconut shells and support a small business in Vietnam with fair pay.

The rice perfume from Herbaria is the only product in the plastic free box that we already knew. We often eat rice and because we like the spices of Herbaria in general, we had also tried the rice perfume before. However, here our tastes are different: my husband would not have needed it again, while I like the oriental taste.

Seasoning without salt, instead with a mix of different Mediterranean herbs: We will try it out thanks to the “Adios Salt Mediterranean” by Sonnentor.

The bliss balls with cocoa, hemp seeds and reishi from Mimi’s Garden are a real treat and will definitely be bought again.

It’s a practical thing, the RE-SACK: Pack fruit and vegetables, glue the label on it and put it on the cash register. At home, the RE-SACK can be put in the fridge and washed at 30 degrees.

The plastic-free box also included a note explaining each product and a 10% discount voucher from Monomeer, an online store for plastic-free products.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and enjoyable holidays. Have a good New Year!

All the best, Mary


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