Powerful Red

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When it is only gray outside and getting dark too fast, then we should take advantage of the activating effect of the powerful color red. You will see, an outfit in the signal color feels energizing.

Why? Because red is the most active color and stands for power. “Red is a very powerful color that not only stimulates and vitalizes us on the physical level, but also gives us mental strength. If we wear red clothes, we can increase our energy level significantly.” Two other interesting ways to use the color red in the dark season: First, red stockings and shoes help against cold feet because red warms and raises blood pressure. On the other hand, red towels or floor mats in the bathroom should help to get awake better in the mornings. Sounds crazy? A little bit maybe, but it’s well worth a try.

Regardless of the season, the color red returns in the fashion industry again and again. Currently, all-over looks in red are totally hip. I am pretty close to it with this autumnal look, for which I combine a lot of red with a touch of gray.

Feel-good pieces with cuddly soft fabrics

Admittedly, the unlined coat by the eco-fair fashion label Lanius is not made for the deepest winter temperatures. But thanks to the pleasantly soft organic new wool in strong red, it is the perfect companion for me on cool and gray days.

When it gets colder and I do not want to use the thick down jacket, the beautiful gray Lanius sweater made from fine alpaca wool warms me perfectly underneath the coat. And with the Lanius trousers made of dark red velvet I’m already getting into something like Christmas mood. The color red and the material velvet both have a warming effect which is an ideal combination for the cold season.

Stylish everyday companion

The saddle bag by the slow fashion label Nine To Five has a simple form, but the finishing in silver vintage look gives it that certain something. Not too big and not too small, it is versatile for everyday use.

These red boots are popping!

Soft, chrome-free tanned leather, comfy block heels and an irresistibly intense red. These gaudy Nine To Five boots are sure to stand out and radiate style and extravagance. Ladies, I’m blown away by these beauties.

Combination Miracle Red

If so much red at once as in my look should be “too much” for you, you can of course start with only one eye-catcher piece in the trend color red. Red is super combinable with gray, camel, white, black and dark blue. Personally, I like Color Blocking a lot – and think that red is especially stylish in combination with orange, pink or purple.

Style Summary:
Coat*: BRIGITTEXLANIUS in the color dark blush // Material: 100% organic new wool (kbT), mulesing-free // fairly produced in Austria and Portugal // currently on SALE
Pants*: BRIGITTEXLANIUS VELVET trousers in the color wine // Material: velvet, 97% organic cotton (organic), 3% spandex // fairly produced in China // currently here on SALE
Sweater*: DOUBLEFACE sweater // Material: 100% alpaca // fairly produced in Peru
Boots*: Ankle Boot #strand lipstick // Material: chrome-free tanned calf leather (outside), vegetable tanned, undyed lamb leather (inside), Toflex rubber (sole) // fairly produced in Portugal
Bag*: Saddle Bag #fox silver lining // Material: chrome-free tanned calfskin // fairly produced in Portugal
*PR pieces borrowed for the photo shoot

Have fun with your red styles!

Mary x

Photo Credit: Many thanks to Renata Z-P for the beautiful photos!

Source: Book “Ganzheitliche Farbberatung” by Karin Hunkel