24 good deeds with one Advent calendar

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Maybe the daily chocolate of an Advent calendar is too much for you? But you still want to open a calendar door every day? At least that’s the way it is for my husband and me. Two years ago, I got an advent calendar with natural cosmetics to provide an useful alternative to calorie abundance. Last year we filled an Advent calendar with a variety of little things by ourselves. And yet: with both alternatives, one or the other item remained unused until today because we did not like it or did not need it. For this year’s Christmas anticipation we have therefore decided for the consumption-free Advent calendar “24 Good Deeds”.

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24 good deeds: What’s behind it?

Instead of chocolate or other products, behind each of the 24 calendar doors is a good deed with regards to the fields of health, education, nutrition and the environment. The social or ecological projects are re-selected each year, carefully and through a multi-stage process. This year, the donations go to projects in 14 countries. For example, with each calendar Pro Wildlife e.V. can get a chimpanzee in the Congo a medical treatment, Kiron Open Higher Education can offer online study to a refugee, or the Artemed Foundation can finance a toothbrush for a child in Myanmar.

The world map shows the countries where the “24 Good Deeds” Advent calendar helped in 2017. In 2018 the project countries for “24 Good Deeds” are: Ethiopia | Bangladesch | Costa Rica | Democratic Republic of Kongo | Germany | Haiti | India | Kenia | Lebanon | Myanmar | Nepal | Nicaragua | Sudan | Vietnam |
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Small donation – Great effect

The calendar is available starting from a donation of 24 euros. This means that with each door 1 Euro will benefit one of the 24 projects. On 24-good-deeds.com there are more detailed information available about the projects during the Advent season, what the donations are used for and what they hope to achieve. Since the first edition of the Advent calendar in 2011, 168 innovative projects in 55 countries have already been supported and implemented. This provided medical care to 74,000 people, distributed 377,000 meals and protected 835,000 square meters of rainforest.

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Our calendar arrived in our mailbox within two days of order. So there is still plenty of time until December 1st to order it. Enough time to do good 24 times during the Advent season.