Lanius & Alexandra Svendsen: Slow Fashion Favorites For Fall

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During our vacation on the North Sea last week fall really hit us. Storm, rain, hail and a bit of sun – with cool 14 degrees we got a bit of everything. It’s always hard for me to say goodbye to the summer. Luckily, there are chic dresses and bright colors that make the start of the darker season easier – just like this look.

Slow Fashion – Made for more than just one season

The pieces making up this light fall outfit are by no means just for a season. For me they are real slow fashion treasures. But what does slow fashion actually mean? In short: Slow Fashion is the counter movement to cheaply manufactured fast fashion. The latter is usually trendy, but due to being a cheap purchase, it is also often quickly disposed of when the trend is over. By contrast, Slow Fashion stands for a conscious approach to fashion. Less is shopped overall and clothes are worn as long as possible. This works best with carefully selected, timeless favorite pieces from high-quality materials.

Fair & Organic – Feminine Slow Fashion by Lanius

The beautiful dress with Asian-inspired print from the current FAIR FEMININE FASHION collection by BRIGITTExLANIUS has real potential as such a timeless favorite piece. This fall, the women’s magazine Brigitte together with Lanius will show for the first time a joint collection with lots of wanna-have pieces. But this is not the first time that Lanius has thrilled me. Maybe you remember my blog post Coforful Season – Black & White Style from last fall? In it I have presented a transitional coat of Lanius. In this season it is available again in many great colors and fits in wonderfully with this dress.

Lanius has long been one of my favorites among Eco-Fair Fashion labels. Why? Somehow the collections are always exactly my taste. With their mix of chic and casual pieces, the elegant or cuddly materials, the beautiful colors and prints. In addition, I appreciate about Lanius that there is detailed information on every piece of clothing. This dress, for example, is made of TENCEL®, a silk-like, eco-friendly material. It is also manufactured under fair conditions at a Chinese factory that is GOTS certified and audited by the Fair Wear Foundation.

You want to know more about Lanius? Then have a look at There is an interview with the founder and eco-pioneer Claudia Lanius very worth reading.

Attention wanted: the slow fashion bags by Alexandra Svendsen

The dark blue dress by Lanius is just the perfect match for the flashy and at the same time classic bags by Alexandra Svendsen. The hobo in bright orange for the office or a city stroll – the clutch in bold pink for your date or an evening at the theater. Wherever you go: The bags by Alexandra Svendsen are truly eye-catching! 

Love at first sight

Maybe some of you recognize the pink clutch from my article Ethical Fashion Trends: Five chic & comfy styles for autumn / winter 2018. At the Berlin Fashion Week in January 2018, I had seen Alexandra Svendsen’s bags for the first time at the Fashion Changers’ PrePEEK event. And I liked them so much that I really wanted to know more. That’s why I talked to the sympathetic designer from Frankfurt about her products. And I did my personal eco-check right at the trade fair: Where does the leather come from? Is it vegetable-tanned? Where and how is it produced? Which certifications are available?

Certainly turning into something solid

During the conversation it became clear: The bags look absolutely amazing, and Alexandra Svendsen also stands for the highest quality and visionary sustainable materials. Because the bags are handmade in a German manufactory and meet the most demanding ecological criteria that a leather product can fulfill today! Alexandra Svendsen uses multiple certified natural leather. The leather feels incredibly soft and captivates with its particularly intense colors. The leather is vegetable tanned and colored with heavy metal-free colors. In addition, the leather is not chemically coated. To be honest: I can not think of any high fashion brand whose designer bags can match!

Wouldnt it be really cool if chemical-free leather and fair production were important factors for a designer bag to achieve cult status? For me it is, so I’m definitely saving on a bag by Alexandra Svendsen (the bags in the photos are borrowed for the photo shoot – see also P.S. below). In that sense, it is not bad that Christmas is not so far away. And I hope that I can decide then. Because I like both models very much. Which one is your favorite?

It can not be denied anymore - fall has arrived. Nevertheless, I do not feel like turtle necks and warm socks. I fancy chic dresses and bright colors, as in this slow fashion look for warmer fall days.
Style Summary
Dress*: BRIGITTEXLANIUS with lacing // Material: 100% Tencel // made under fair conditions in China
Bag* Hobo FLAVA & Clutch PUREA // Material: certified natural leather from Germany (natural leather IVN, Biokreis, ECARF), vegetable tanned, heavy metal colored // handmade in Germany //
* PR samples borrowed for the shoot

Yours, Mary x

P.S. Anyone who has been following my blog for some time knows that this year a maximum of 12 new garments should make it as addition to my wardrobe. No matter if bought, sponsored or gifted. Nevertheless, I would like to show you regularly sustainable outfit inspirations as an alternative to fast fashion. That’s why I occasionally lend PR samples that I selected myself from my Eco-Fair Fashion favorite labels and give them back after the photo shoot.


Photo Credits: Many thanks to Renata Z-P for for the beautiful photos.


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