VEJA: Sustainable Shoes

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For no other pair of shoes do I get as many compliments as for my colorful VEJA sneakers: A good reason for me to finally introduce them to you here.

Purchased last summer, they quickly secured the top position as my favorite pair of comfortable shoes. For one, I wear them regularly during city tours, without blisters or other ailments. And on the other hand, the colorful floral pattern always sets me in a good mood.

Can you ask for more of everyday shoes? Yes! Because these sneakers are also made in a fair and environmentally friendly way. They are from the French label VEJA, which is now one of the best-known sustainable shoe manufacturers. I am totally wowed and will explain why.


VEJA sneakers are absolute eye-catcher!

The sneakers by VEJA convince with their style and the wide selection of colors and materials. Whether in classic white, subtle dark blue or trendy gold – whether canvas, suede, silk or vegan – everyone will find their favorite model at VEJA. The large “V” is attached to the side of each shoe and has already established itself outside the eco community as a trademark for high-quality and trendy sneakers.


VEJA means “look”!

The fact that the fast-moving fashion industry is based on exploitative hunger pains, high health risks and massive environmental pollution is now clear to many. But did you know that the conventional production of shoes is just as bad?

The two founders of VEJA took a close look and decided: it has to work differently! Their VEJA sneakers are produced with social responsibility in Brazil. The most environmentally friendly materials are used. Above all, sustainably grown natural rubber and organic cotton. Or the upcycled materials “B-Mesh” (made of recycled PET bottles) and “J-Mesh” (a mixture of jute, recycled cotton and recycled PET).

Nevertheless, VEJA is also facing limits, which they have been publishing on their website since 2009. The company communicates openly about anything that is not as sustainable and explains the reasons for it: For example, why conventional dyes are used or why VEJA did not renew its fair trade certificate. This allows every consumer to form their opinion and decide whether the company and the products meet their own requirements.

At the same time, VEJA is working hard to become even more sustainable. Currently, it is looking for a “cradle to cradle” solution, with which the sneakers can be 100% recycled. And that impresses me so much about VEJA: great styles, high standards, comprehensive transparency and the desire to become better and better.

#FairFashionOOTD Style Summary:
Shoes: VEJA
Shirt: Wunderwerk
Jeans skirt: Hessnatur

Photo credit: Renata Z-P