Ethical Fashion Trends: Five chic & comfy styles for autumn/winter 2018

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Berlin, 16.-18. January 2018: Ever since our first visit in July it was clear for us that we had to be at the winter edition of the Greenshowroom / Ethical Fashion Show. And it was really worth it! During three days with a fully packed program, we discovered new ethical brands, learned about innovative fabrics and met up with the ever-expanding Fashion Changers community. 

Within just two editions of the show, the Fashion Changers Jana, Vreni and Nina have established the perfect professional platform for networking and knowledge exchange among like-minded people. So, it’s no wonder that the Fashion Changer Lounge was the hottest place-to-be and we stopped by as often as possible. Being part of this amazing community along with the many insights that were shared and all the positive vibes around us boosted our #fairfashionforward spirit even more. 

A big highlight for bloggers was once again the “Fashion Changers x PrePEEK” event. The concept is to check out pre-selected fashion highlights of the upcoming fall/winter 2018/19 season, to create outfits with your favorite pieces and to get photographed in them. One learning from our last visit was to allow more time for the PrePEEK. A good decision, because with clothing and accessories of 29 eco-fair brands, there were even more style opportunities than last time.

Most obvious trends: soft natural fibers, recycled polyester, both muted and bright colors, allover prints.

So, here is my pre-peek to the next autumn/winter season with five ethical fashion looks for you. I also highly recommend you to check out the Fashion Changers Facebook and Instagram channels where you can see all trendy blogger outfits that were taken during the event.

Look #1: Chic in cuddly alpaca wool

I got into eco-fair fashion in 2016 and within a very short time I’ve become a total fan of alpaca wool clothing. Rosi can tell you a thing or two about how much I love this super soft, warm and at the same time pleasantly light natural fiber. So my first outfit choice had to include this oversize sweater by the Peruvian label Hilar with its really beautiful combination of fabric, color and pattern.

For this rather chic look I styled a black and gold waist belt by MonCinta. Each kind of belt belongs to a monochrome kimono, setting a striking contrast. The kimono belts are all unique, as they are made from fabric scraps and different recycled materials.

The pink clutch is from Alexandra Svendsen, a brand new label for leather goods based in Frankfurt. What fascinated us when we had a chat with the founder: All components for the bags are made in Germany, the leather is vegetable tanned and certified by IVN NATURLEDER, BIOKREIS and ECARF. 


Style Summary Look #1
 Sweater „Lucrecia“ // Label: Hilar // Colour: Blue Serenity // Material: 100% Alpaka
Belt // Label: MonCinta // Colour: black & gold // available by end Feb 2018
Necklace „Lovis“ // Label: Fremdformat // Material: brass or silver (recyceld) // available online
Clutch “Purea” // Label: Alexandra Svendsen // Colour: Pink // Material: calf leather from Germany, vegetable tanned (IVN-, Biokreis-, ECARF-certified) // available online
Jacket // Label: NIX // Material: Fake Fur, 100% polyester // available by Aug 2018

Look #2: Circular design for trendsetters

All the pieces for my second outfit have been quite popular during the PrePEEK event. The geometric pattern of the very soft and light sweater (that is by the way made from Alpaca wool) sets an exciting contrast to the pants with allover print. As it works so well together, you might see the same combination in other bloggers’ fashion week recaps. 

However, for me the real eye-catcher of this outfit is the trendy plush jacket by Myrka Studios. It not only convinced me with its look and feel, but also in terms of sustainability aspects. Well, at first I was skeptical, because it is made from new and recycled polyester. But I learned that the jacket is a fully recyclable product: It can be returned after being worn away, the material will then get recycled and result in new raw material. All this information will be available via a QR code inside the jacket. Very cool! If you plan on getting this jacket for yourself, you should be quick though: the polyester used for the plush is the remainder of an overproduction, so there will only be 17 pieces of it. 


Style Summary Look #2 (left)
Jacket „ALLISON“ // Label: Myrka Studios // Material: plush made from 100% polyester, lining made from 100% recycled polyester (GRS-certified) // available by end Feb 2018
Sweater „Double-Face“ // Label: LANIUS // Material: 100% Baby-Alpaca // available by Aug 2018
Trousers „LOTTA“ // Label: Maria Seifert // Material: 100% organic cotton (GOTS-certified) // now available

Look #3: Keeping warm in beautiful blue

While the first two looks are perfect for the not-that-cold days, here comes an outfit that keeps really nice and warm. The blue coat by LangerChen combines style and function: The 3-ply-material prevents from soaking through, has excellent windstopping function, feels very soft, very light and warm. I was not only attracted to the amazing fabric but also to the especially beautiful shade of blue that unfortunately might not come across fully on the pictures. 

For me there’s no winter walk without a warm scarf. And this one is on my wishlist now: a super cuddly (well, it contains Alpaca wool), really long (2m!) but still quite light scarf by meinfrollein. Each scarf comes with a handmade, detachable Lucky Doll and each purchase supports meinfrollein projects in various children’s villages. 

I think the brown backpack from the Ackermann Eco Collection complements this outfit very well. When it comes to leather, I have become very picky and always look for vegetable tanned leather now. This backpack is made from “Olivenleder®” for which a special extract from olive leaves (a by-product for olive growers and normally burnt) is used as tanning agent. Hence, “Olivenleder®” is not a vegan alternative to leather, but it is an innovative, environment-friendly way to produce fully biologically degradable, high-quality leather.


Style Summary Look #3
Coat „Killingly“ // Label: LangerChen // Colour: Inka // Material: „Tecno Felt“ – 75% eco wool, 15% organic cotton, 10% polyurethane // available by Aug 2018
Scarf „Zarah“ // Label: meinfrollein // Colour: Navy // Material: 70% organic wool, 30% Alpaca // now available
Backpack „Prag“ – Eco Collection // Label: Ackermann Leder & Gestaltung // Colour: Brown // Material: calf leather, vegetable tanned (olive leaf extract) // now available

Look #4: Two trends in one coat

You might not believe it, but there is not one single yellow piece in my wardrobe. So, the PrePEEK event was the perfect chance for me to finally try on this trend color. And I have to admit: After so many grey winter weeks, wearing the bright-colored coat by Lanius felt like getting a little bit of that much-needed sunshine. That’s what I call fashion therapy! Besides the color, the coat stands out with a trendy Neoprene look and a modern cut.

Fashion Changers x PrePEEK

Style Summary Look #4
Coat „Doubleface“ in Neoprene look // Label: Lanius // Colour: Curcuma // Material: 50% organic cotton, 50% Modal // available by Sep 2018

Look #5: Style & Sustainability

For quite some time now I have been looking around for an eco-fair black blouse with Asian-inspired floral print. And hooray, I found it at the PrePEEK event! Now I will just have to wait a little bit longer until September when the label JAN’ N JUNE launches its carpe diem collection. By the way, both the blouse and the pants by Elemente Clemente are made from recycled yarns: recycled PET for the blouse and recycled fishing nets for the pants. Both pieces were a bit too big for me, so this picture here is the best shot I got out of this outfit. What you can’t really see is that the blouse has stylish trumpet sleeves – a trend for next autumn/winter that we have seen at various eco fashion labels. 

Style Summary Look #5
Blouse „LIEN“ // Label: JAN’ N JUNE // Material: 100% recycled polyester (GRS-certified) // available by Sep 2018
Pants „Bo“ // Label: Elemente Clemente // Colour: Black // Material: recycled fishing nets // available by Jul 2018
Portemonnaie „Flavetta Maxi“ // Label: Alexandra Svendsen // Colour: Mango // Material: calf leather from Germany, vegetable tanned  (IVN- , Biokreis- and ECARF-certified) // now available

Many thanks to the stylists on site who have optimized our outfits, to the make-up artists for the great make-up and of course to Lydia and Emilie for the fantastic photos. We had a truly amazing time in Berlin and can’t wait for the next edition of the Fashion Changers x PrePEEK event.


Fotos: Lydia Hersberger & Emilie Elizabeth

Make-up: Nui Cosmetics // Savue Beauty

Location: Kraftwerk, Berlin