With Vintage into the new year

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2018 has just begun, but I can already say: This outfit is one of my top 3 looks of the year! Why am I so sure? Because this outfit has a special meaning for me. The chic vintage skirt with Leo pattern is not only an absolute favorite piece for me, but stands above all for my lasting changed attitude to fashion.

Less, Vintage, recycled – my resolution for 2018

Although sometimes difficult, I like changes and new beginnings. In terms of fashion, since mid-2016, pretty much everything has changed for me. I’ve grown from a fashion shopaholic to a slow fashionista. Conscious and less shopping, fair production and environmentally friendly materials were the focus for me in 2017. But because of all the excitement about the many stylish eco-clothes out there, there were a lot more new pieces in my wardrobe than needed. And this despite some months of shopping ban. That’s why:

“A maximum of one new garment per month in 2018! In addition, these twelve new pieces should primarily be vintage / second hand or consist entirely of recycled materials.”

So that’s it, my fashion resolution for 2018. For some of you it may be totally easy. But for me its a real challenge, which I like to take on.

This is behind my new beginning with fashion

Shopping limit: Sure, I still enjoy shopping. But to be honest, I do not need any new clothes at the moment. My wardrobe is full of garments that I have not worn once in 2017. And I’m not alone with that, because according to a Greenpeace study from 2015 we Germans seldom or never wear about 40% of our clothing. A good reason to consciously focus more on what’s already there in my wardrobe. 

Vintage / Secondhand: This part of my resolution is the hardest for me, because already worn clothes were never on my “Wishlist” so far. Only through initiatives like FashionRevolution.org and the exchange in the ‘Slow Fashion Community’ did I change my opinion over the last months. The purchase of eco fashion is good – but it is even more sustainable to extend the life of used fashion. After all, there are already tons of clothing in the world: many resources have been used to make them and their disposal is becoming an ever greater problem.

Recycling / Upcycling: Less consumption and longer product life must always come first. But I also think the maximum recycling of resources, especially in the field of fashion, is extremely exciting and important. That’s why I’d like to support designers and manufacturers who use recycled materials or offer upcycling products. At the Ethical Fashion Show / Green Showroom in Berlin next week I will surely get much more knowledge. Because I will visit the new conference FASHIONSUSTAIN – this time with the topics circular economy and material innovation. In addition, I will be looking for innovative labels with a focus on recycling and upcycling.

Vintage rocks

This beautiful maxi skirt was the last impulse I needed for my fashion resolution 2018. Having found such a favorite piece during my very first vintage shopping attempt (in October 2017 in Berlin) convinced me that vintage fashion can be a real alternative to buying newly made fashion pieces – with a bit of luck there’s modern design and individual style included. The cut and the Leo pattern of this vintage skirt are timelessly trendy for me: yesterday, today and tomorrow. Do you think so too?

To a year full of positive changes, 
Cheers, Mary x 

Fotos: Alexa Sommer / eyetakeyourpicture.de

Haare / Make-up: Melanie Schaab