More than a fair fashion store – “Les Curieux” in Lyon

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Have you ever been to Lyon? I hadn’t been until this September. Somehow, it was always either Paris or Strasbourg for a short city trip to France, because both cities are easy to reach from Frankfurt. But I had heard lots of great things about Lyon, especially from my hubby who had spent a fantastic time there during a 6-months internship a few years back, and hence really wanted to go there. Finally this September, the opportunity to travel to Lyon came up, as a three-day stop-over during the long ride from Frankfurt to our holiday destination Antibes at Côte d’ Azur.

Besides exploring famous sights and enjoying super delicious French food, we wanted to check out the ‘eco side’ of Lyon, because we are always curious about how sustainable fashion and conscious lifestyle issues are picking up in other countries. And this curiosity led us to the Eco-Fair Fashion Store Les Curieux in 18, rue Palais Grillet, 69002 Lyon, which is conveniently located in the city center close to Metro A station Cordeliers.

A shop with a special atmosphere

Believe it or not, when we entered Les Curieux we instantly got that good vibe feeling. Why? Because with high attention to detail the shop team created a cozy atmosphere – with colorful segmentation of the different shop areas and beautiful decorative elements. It’s the kind of special atmosphere that makes you want to spend more time and explore all the things the store has to offer. Fair Fashion Store Les Curieux in Lyongreenlooksgreat-lyon-lescurieux-cosmeticsAnd that’s why, Les Curieux – meaning ‘The Curious’ – is a perfectly well-chosen name to me to describe the idea behind the shop. The core team of Les Curieux came up with the name because they consider themselves all curious people. At the same time the name refers to the buyers they want to attract: consumers who question labels and their products, consumers who are curious about ethical alternatives away from mass-produced mainstream products. And yeah, there is lots to discover at Les Curieux!

Discover eco-fair fashion

The first thing we saw was a large selection of fair/eco fashion for women, men and children, but also accessories and shoes. At Les Curieux you will find a wide range of internationally known fair/eco fashion brands, for example People Tree, Armedangels, Dirty Velvet, King Louie, Nudie Jeans and VEJA. On the other hand, Les Curieux carries many French labels, which were pretty much unknown to us before, like INARI (fashion), Oh Sud (jewelry), Made In Romans (shoes), La Queue du Chat (kids) and Coq en Pâte (kids).

Discover organic beauty products

Then we got over to a special area dedicated to French organic beauty products, from Karawan Authentic and Karethic to Lamazuna and ZAO. Especially the beautiful spa products by Karawan Authentic caught my eye (and nose with their lovely scents). When Anett, one of the two Co-Managers at Les Curieux, gave me insights into the brand philosphy I couldn’t resist but buy a bottle of pure argan oil and a few hand-made soaps as small presents for family and friends.greenlooksgreat-lescurieux-lyon-karawanOrganic beauty products at Les Curieux, Lyon

More to discover

However, Les Curieux is much more than a retail store for ethically and sustainably produced fashion and beauty products. It is also a Café, a Hair Dresser and a Creative Studio where the ‘green community’ of Lyon can connect. Isn’t that amazing? In fact, Les Curieux founded by Anett Oehler, Nicolas Asboth and Nadège Rembeault is a Cooperative with around 20 associates. They regularly offer events like Sewing Classes, DIY & Upcycling Workshops, Fashion Swap Parties, Fashion Brunches, Pilates and Yoga classes. With this diversified offer and a lot of passion, the people behind Les Curieux are clearly doing their bit to grow the spirit of conscious consumerism in Lyon!

We very much enjoyed our relaxed shopping experience in Les Curieux. And if you too like to buy from a shop ‘with soul’, then Les Curieux should definitely be on your list when you get to Lyon.

Yours, Mary x