Get ready to mix

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Palm prints, polka dots, animal prints, plaid patterns, horizontal stripes, vertical stripes – the selection of fashionable print pieces is more diverse than ever. And the ladies among you, who regularly scroll on Instagram or are looking for inspiration in fashion magazines, have long known that mixing different patterns is totally hot these days! Because that kind of mix creates exciting looks that are guaranteed to attract attention. 

Pattern mix inspo  

The pattern mix trend does not seem to be over yet, but will last until next summer at least – as we saw during Fashion Week Berlin in July. And that’s why today I’d like to introduce you to my current favorite look for autumn: a chic outfit for the office in classic black and white, that looks anything but stuffy due to the pattern mix.

To rock or not to rock?

With the purchase of sustainable and fair produced fashion, I almost automatically buy pieces that are timeless and of high quality: like this beautiful, warm skirt made of soft new wool. It is from the eco-fair fashion label Madness and I bought it at the end of 2016 in the Vienna eco-fashion store Green Ground. In the store itself, I first got a few doubts whether this skirt would look a bit old-fashioned, but then I decided for it. Because how a piece looks depends not only on its quality, but also on combining it in a creative way.

Oops, that was fast…

The silk blouse with large and small polka dots is a fast fashion piece – in two ways. How it came to it despite my preference for Eco & Slow Fashion? It was February, Tuesday evening, freezing wind. My brother announced his 15-minute delay to our get-together in the city via a What’s App message. So I went to the next best (fast fashion) store to warm up and I saw that blouse hanging right at the entrance. “Oh, that’s nice, just try it on,” I thought. And in a flash, the blouse was bought. A violent wanna-have-kick had just overrun my good intentions. Well, shit happens! But the positive thing is: it was my only fast fashion purchase this year and I find the irregular polka dot pattern very stylish and wear the blouse therefore quite often.

A belt. A statement. 

My look would not be complete without the chic belt of Nine to Five. In bright red, it manages to be equally eye-catching and a harmonious transition between the two patterns. At the front the belt is made of chrome-free tanned leather, which, since I know of the extreme use of toxins in conventional leather production, is absolutely important to me! In the back part the belt has an elastic insert. So it adapts perfectly to the waist and ensures a beautiful silhouette. I’ve had the belt for a few months now, but thanks to the label’s slow-fashion concept, it’s still available online.

Are you ready to mix? 

Currently, there are many eye-catching clothes out there, by many different Eco-Fair fashion labels that make trendy pattern mix looks possible: e.g. Alma & Lovis, Armedangels, Hessnatur, Maska, Lanius, or Peopletree. Or you just drop in at green online shops with a wide selection of brands that you can find in our Eco-Fair Fashion Guide.

When mixing patterns anything that pleases is indeed allowed. But for those who do not like it so much, here are a few tips on how different prints can be combined for everyday use. 

Pattern mix styling tips

These patterns match 

Stripes and dots are compatible with pretty much all patterns and can be wonderfully mixed with romantic flowers, tropical prints or checked patterns. But also the same pattern types can be combined with each other. My tip for all looks: it is best to always wear only two different patterns. And it is best to combine a bold pattern with a more subtle pattern, such as large plaids with filigree flowers or broad stripes with narrow stripes.  

The colors are important

Different patterns in the same color or color family work very well. For conspicuously patterned pieces, attention should be paid to have at least one common color as a connecting element. Colors like white, black and cream bring calmness to a pattern mix look. 

The final touch with accessories & Co. 

To not steal the eye-catching pattern mix the show, jewelry and make-up should be kept subtle. For a multicolored pattern mix look, it’s best to fit accessories in the color of one patterned piece. The opposite is true for looks in black and white or patterns from a color family: here a handbag, a belt or shoes in a complementary color add extra pep.

Which patterns do you prefer to combine? Or is pattern mix already out for you?

Yours, Mary x

Fotos: Renata Z-P